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Young Adults, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

I have built my ministry of the last several years on asking the question “Why”. I know it seems like a simple question but I have found it may be the most important question we can ask as spiritual leaders and pastors. I have encountered more than one young person that has struggled when someone has asked them why they believe in Jesus, and they haven’t been able to give an answer. My goal is to ask “Why?”, and to help seek out the answer to that question.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I know that I am not perfect nor do I have all the answers, but had I not had mentors and people I could talk to about the good times and bad times of ministry, there is a good chance I would no longer be working in the church. I know how hard it is to start in ministry and take hold of your calling. I have a passion for sharing what helped me get started. I also have a passion for those who have young families because I have experience with churches who have taken advantage of my time, and I have missed out on family. I want to help encourage, teach, listen, and mentor people who have been called by God to lead the present and future of our church.

Additional Speciality Areas

Faith Formation, Mentoring, Social Media