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Discipleship, Missions, Outreach and Evangelism, Technology, Theology, Young Adults, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

I have a tremendous amount of hope in today’s youth and young adult population. I believe in faith within the culture and that the new authority will be found in community. Tribal identity is a large part of what goes on within youth and young adult culture and this must be recognized and utilized for ministry to be effective and relevant for these age groups. I believe that God is already doing great things within these groups of people and that we should recognize what is happening before enacting our ideas upon them. We have a lot to learn from young people, probably more than we ever have. For the first time in history the young are teaching the old. It started with VCRs that blinked 12 until the grandkids came over to visit and has not progressed to an entire world that is run by the technological skills of young people. We all need to be listening to them and hearing what God is doing. I ask every church that wants to “reach young people” (which is almost all of them) how many “young people” they have on staff or in leadership positions. If you want to reach diverse people along gender or racial lines for example, you would put the members of the targeted audience in leadership and let them lead toward that diversity. The same applies to young people, if that is your real target. We are in an inventive age and need inventors to lead us!

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I am very relational and I think that is the most important means of teaching, mentoring, and leading. I have a great deal of knowledge, but it is carefully balanced by creativity, which will be more important in the future. I am dependable and always work hard to do what I say I will do so that others can trust me and count on me. My diverse experiences have allowed me to reframe concepts and ideas in new ways that seem to work very well. I have successfully mentored a lot of different people of different ages and have developed a relational teaching style. I also love to learn and I think that a good field guide will learn from those around him or her as much as possible because they will learn more from teaching. Lastly, I am very passionate about the future of the Church and specifically the UMC. I work tirelessly to make the future better and to learn as well as teach about how to be an important part of the future of our world.

Additional Speciality Areas

Adult Training , Bible Study, College Age, Church Connections, Community Building, Counseling, Faith, Faith Formation, High School, Mentoring, Music, Small Groups, Social Media, Worship, Random Acts of Kindness, Intentional Community, Evangelism, New Monasticism, Student Leadership, Developing Young Leaders , Cross Cultural Sensitivity