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Missions, Programming, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

Youth ministry involves accompanying adolescents as they mature in their faith, supporting them as they discern how their belief in God affects their everyday life. Youth leaders are spiritual guides who are passionate about accompanying adolescents on their journey of faith. Before teenagers will trust youth leaders and invite them to join in on their faith journey, adults must take the time to develop relationships with them out of a sense of love for young people. Although at times it can be easier to do youth ministry by filling time with activities, the richness comes in the difficult work of listening to the struggles of a young person’s everyday life and allowing this awareness to guide our responses as youth leaders practice a ministry of being. As God moves in and through adolescents, opening their eyes to their God-given gifts and vocations, youth leaders should encourage teenagers to use their gifts within the larger community of faith. The youth programs of the church should not be a separate entity from the rest of the church’s ministry, but instead, they should be a part of the whole, working to involve adolescents in the life of the church at a young age so that they will hopefully make it a lifelong practice. Youth ministers should also serve as advocates for those they serve in the life of the congregation so that the teens feel like they belong and that their gifts are desired by the church.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I am passionate about youth ministry. Youth are not just our future; they are also our present, providing gifts that can be used in the church now. Because of my passion for young people, I seek to instill it in others and speak highly of youth and youth ministers so that they are valued in the life of the local church and the Church at large. I manage my time well, so I will be able to give explorers the time and attention they deserve and desire. Because I am able to manage time well, I can help others with doing the same, organizing themselves so that they can be effective in ministry. I am a good listener. Sometimes in ministry, we just need to talk through our situation in order to determine a solution or appropriate next step. Other times, we just need people to listen and encourage us to persevere and take the next step. As I listen, the explorer will feel valued because someone cares about their situation and is available to provide support when needed. I am enthusiastic about ministry. Field guides need to help others find happiness and fulfillment in what they do, even when times are toughconfusing, or overwhelming. I hope that my joy can spread to others so that they feel renewed and excited about serving young people.

Additional Speciality Areas

Community Building, Fundraising