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Theology of Ministry with Young People

I do not believe that my theology of ministry with youth and young adults is much different than it is with all people. I believe in meeting people exactly where Christ meets them – where they are at that point in time – and treating every person as a beloved and called children of God. The greatest gift that all of us have been given is the gift of Jesus and the change Jesus brings to this world…we must simply join the revolution God began in Jesus. I do realize that youth and young adults have different interests and challenges than other age groups. However, those interests and challenges are just the places where we can all most likely find God at work. My hope is that as we follow and worship Jesus, we will find the “way” Jesus has for each of us.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I strive to be someone who knows what I believe and yet be open to listen to others while looking for a way to move us both forward. If anyone is finding themselves in the position of following a long term pastor…well, I have the experience to help in that endeavor. Also, I am a person who loves the puzzles and mysteries of life and ministry. I love talking about possibilities and opportunities and setting those in motion. I also have a great sense of humor and laugh at myself easily and often!!

Additional Speciality Areas

Church Connections, Community Building, Worship, Family Systems