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Theology of Ministry with Young People

It’s all about love. One temptation that many youth leaders (including me)can fall into is the desire to be popular, or liked by the kids, and the effort to make youth group “fun” so they will come back. Fun is important, but Love and content are more important. If you have fun, but no content, the fun will run out. If you have love for the kids and give them real content, the fun will come. Young people today are looking for older people that they can respect and who will tell them the truth. They yearn for relationships with such leaders. There are several experiences that I believe are critical to youth ministry. 1) missions – kids want to make a difference and need to experience the love that missions provide. They need to see faith and theology in action. 2) Inter-generational connection. The youth need to be connected with the rest of the church, especially the older folks. Making prayer partner connections is a great way to do this. 3) We need to address relevant topics with kids in a safe environment where they can explore faith in areas such as, belief in God/Jesus, Sexuality, Relationships with Peers, Parents, and others. 4) We need to not pressure them into conformity, but offer opportunities to invite Christ into their heart and life. 5) we need to model real faith, not phony religiousness. Let them know that we all have struggles and that we are all in this together.

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I am 51 years old and have a lot of experience in life, business, youth ministry, church workings, and personal relationships. I love youth, no matter who they are or what they are like. I have made a million mistakes myself. I thrive on teaching and mentoring others. I really love it.

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