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Ministry Experience and Skills

Discipleship, Missions

Theology of Ministry with Young People

I believe that God’s Word is the key to life change and spiritual growth. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only sure way in which a person can be saved and sanctified. That being the case, exposing youth and volunteers to opportunities where they can hear the Word and also opportunities to put what they learn to practice is the key to their growing and maturing in the Lord.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I have had 35 year of experience in working with youth, parents and dealing with church politics. I have mentored many youth who later went on to full time ministries or service-type positions and who are still actively serving the Lord. I have a passion to help youth ministers stay in youth ministry for the long term and want them to have a sounding board in which they can bounce ideas and problems off (someone who has been there and has the scars to prove it).

Additional Speciality Areas

Bible Study, Confirmation, Small Groups