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Ministry Experience and Skills

District Events, Event Planning, Technology, Young Adults, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

Young people these days face a lot of challenges. Ministry with youth and young adults essentially means helping young people deal with these challenges through faith formation and spiritual development. As youth workers, our job is to help young people find God in their lives, in the relationships they are in, and in the different experiences that they have.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I am a visionary and a pathfinder. I usually try to introduce some innovations–either a new youth/young adult program in my setting that will help them grow wholistically. Since my term as the National President of the UMYFP, I have consistently been at the forefront of developing programs and ministries that could cater to the needs of Filipino youth and young adults.

Additional Speciality Areas

College Age, Faith Formation, Mentoring, Social Media