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Theology of Ministry with Young People

Over the years, I have become an advocate for intergenerational ministry where children and youth are involved in the life of the community. This includes worship leadership and participation as well as missions and leadership roles. I am currently discerning ways to engage families and intergenerational groups in a variety of Christian education opportunities. I believe the traditional model of age appropriate programming is not the best representation of the Body of Christ. While some age appropriate ministry is important, I believe that we are called to include all of the Body of Christ in worship or we risk being only part of the Body. I have used all ages in worship leadership, music, drama, and team worship planning. We also seek to mentor youth in other areas of ministry and leadership throughout the congregation. This is approach to ministry with all people is both my theology and my passion.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I like to collaborate and work with teams. My skills and experience in worship and the arts include musicians, dancers and dramatists of all ages. I also have extensive experience directing musicals and special events. I have worked with all ages both in intergenerational and age appropriate settings. This includes developing interactive and participatory curriculum for a variety of settings. I enjoy helping people discover their skills and gifts for ministry. This is particularly important in my work with young people both at camp and in my congregation. I am always looking for ways to engage young people in ministry of all kinds.

Additional Speciality Areas

Curriculum, Drama & Performance, Music, Worship, Intergenerational Ministry