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Discipleship, Theology, Young Adults

Theology of Ministry with Young People

My experience with young adults began while I was a member of Annandale UMC. I was instrumental in beginning a young adult group. My congregations I served later as pastor did not have many young adults. However, that changed when I became the Chaplain of Wesley College. The situation for young adults, however, was vastly different since my days at Annandale. I think that this group of young people face a lot of challenges such as: 1. They will have to work until they die. The retirement systems and safety nets will not be available to them. 2. There is climate change, shifting political order, chronic global conflict and increasing polarization in the United States. 3. Religious, political, social, financial and economic institutions and leaders are adrift as they seek self-preservation and self-aggrandizement. I think that the spiritual/theological basis for ministry with young adults goes back to what John Wesley said before he died: “The best of all is: God is with us!” Wesley was looking ahead even as he was dying. “God with us” is a name for Jesus – Emmanuel. The theology for ministry with young adults has to be one of hope, that there is hope; God is with us! This is the Word of God for young adults and the rest of us – Emmanuel! .

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1. I can listen; 2. I will be available; 3. I can relate my experience and expertise to people’s situations.

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College Age, UM History