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Administration and Organization, District Events, Event Planning, Theology

Theology of Ministry with Young People

My theology is very Wesleyan – I believe in grace for all, the importance of community, and raising up a generation of new leaders. I feel strongly that God calls us to equip, energize, and get out of the way of young leaders, allowing them to live into their unique calling. We are to model faithful behavior and walk beside young people, all while allowing them to serve in their own gifts and graces. My call includes going to the people where they are and I encourage the youth workers that I support to do the same. Young people are not coming to the church anymore so it is our task (like the early Methodists) to go out to the world.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

While I’m still (relatively) young, I’ve been there. I’ve served in bigger churches, smaller churches, as a volunteer, and as a paid staff person. My husband is also in ministry so I can identify with the church spouse also. I’ve experienced a lot of different types of circumstances and am always learning new things. I’m very organized, something youth ministers (stereotypically) are not. I enjoy the opportunity to help youth ministers become more organized and see the value in planning, while at the same time not becoming too strict. I am empathetic and compassionate to different situations.

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