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Theology of Ministry with Young People

To me, youth and young adult ministry is all about discipleship. Jesus set the example for us when he recruited “regular people” from the pool of humanity and trained his own “youth and young adult” ministry. Over the next 3 years, Jesus led them in faith development through his teachings, both verbal and experiential. He enabled community-building among them and taught them what it meant to be a leader for the Kingdom of God. He continued to develop them as leaders and then sent them out to continue the Lord’s ministry on earth; propagating the cycle of discipleship-training. I believe that this example is one to be emulated by myself as a youth/young adult leader.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

Christ-follower, compassionate, loving, will hold a person lovingly accountable, organized, called to mentor others who struggle in ministry, relational, personable, faithful, disciple-maker, conversation facilitator, good listener, discerning.

Additional Speciality Areas

College Age, Mentoring, Small Groups, Student Leadership Development