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Ministry Experience and Skills

Discipleship, Technology, Theology, Young Adults, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

My theology of ministry with young people is deeply routed within Wesleyan theology. It is especially based on Wesley’s understanding of continual and deliberate discipleship as a response to God’s grace. As people in ministry with young people, we have a three-fold duty to help young people experience God’s grace and guide their response. First, we are to help them grow in love with God through involving and thoughtful spiritual practices. Second, we involve them in love of neighbor with acts of kindness and advocacy for the other. And lastly, we involve them in learning about their place in God’s salvific act.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I have several qualities that will make me a good field guide. First, the mentors that I have had have taught me the skills necessary to form relationships with others working toward the goal of the kingdom. Second, I have a great grasp of a variety of subjects in ministry with young people, from worship, theology, curriculum development, and more. Lastly, I am comfortable in a variety of cultural settings. I have been a part of congregations both inside and outside of my cultural milieu and am able to speak the language of both.

Additional Speciality Areas

Bible Study, College Age, Curriculum, Faith Formation, High School, Middle School, Social Media, Worship