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Administration and Organization, Missions, Young Adults, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

Authenticity and Presence! What I have learned, sometimes the hard way, is that ministry at all levels requires an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and requires a ministry presence with your faith community and those you seek to lead, through God’s leading of the Holy Spirit. In today’s culture especially youth and young adults are looking for authentic and relational leadership that lives the difficulties and joys of life in faith together. I seek daily to be the leader God blessed me to be, and seek to share the Love of God with all!

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

Blessed by God, Called by God, Humble, Authentic, Practical, Experience in Life & Ministry, Relational, Motivated to share the Love of God with others. I am highly motivated to share the blessings and gifts God has shared with me as a mentor or guide for others on a path to a life of faith. Working with all generations in recent years, but focusing on youth and young adult ministry had provided me with experience in helping folks fully develop God’s call in their faith life. My goal in leading others is to walk the journey of faith with them and assist where I can with identifying and preparing for the ministry they are called to at any level. I look forward to sharing my experience and faith in Jesus Christ with others.

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