Basic Info
First Name

Ismael T.

Last Name

Fisco Jr.

Ministry Experience and Skills

Discipleship, Event Planning, Missions, Outreach and Evangelism, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

Young people are always a potent force in the transformation of the church and society. Our gifts, dynamism, creativity, and idealism are what we can offer as we participate in the life-giving mission of Christ. As a church, we should provide opportunities for the youth to enhance and utilize these gifts. Just as God called Jeremiah to speak to the nations, the young people also brings a message of hope and can do great things to a world that is hurting and seemingly hopeless.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I give much of my passion in everything that I do. I make sure that I spend time for it and do them accordingly based on level of priority. My being detail-oriented and gift in writing also helps me achieve a good output most of the time. My extensive experiences in leadership as well as in human resource management enables me to work in a diverse environment and different people.

Additional Speciality Areas