Basic Info
First Name

Floreuce Dale

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Ministry Experience and Skills

Discipleship, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

For me, the ministry with the youth is very important in our time today. Young people used to be in the places where they can’t practice being good christians. It is my advocacy to let the young people be a leader in the society where they are in. Our NUMYFP theme says “UMYFP: Intensifying Social Holiness in Leadership Sustainability”, that this statement would be an avenue to reach out all the young people, like friends, to be good citizens of the world. Our young people is the future leaders of the church, so we need to do a lot of ministries to them and with them to exercise not just being good but to be better leaders to transform the world.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

My passion in reaching out the young people who needs guidance from God. The leadership that pushes us to minister, disciple and guide other young people is what God wants us to do today. God wants not just being expert but also to have passion to make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world.

Additional Speciality Areas

Bible Study, Music, Small Groups