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Ministry Experience and Skills

Administration and Organization, Discipleship, Missions, Programming, Technology, Theology, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

My theology of ministry is shaped by my own experiences as a teenager. I was involved in a place of radical hospitality and always felt welcomed in my church and my youth group. Thus, my theology of ministry is grace-based where all youth are welcome to explore what life in the image of God is like, and how that forms and transforms us. The church should be a place where people come to become re-oriented and sent out into the world. The theology of grace abounds shapes how ministry is done.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

With 15+ years of experience, I feel like I have a great sense of what’s happening in youth ministry. Additionally, I feel that my creativity and passion for doing effective youth ministry in new ways (Purpose Driven Model has run its course!) and the evolution for actually DOING ministry in new ways have given me the ability to help people who are exploring youth ministry changes in their local churches.

Additional Speciality Areas

Curriculum, Small Groups, Worship, Innovation, Creativity