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Ministry Experience and Skills

Discipleship, Missions, Programming, Theology, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

I believe in a relational and authentic ministry with youth. I think that the youth not only are the voice of the church to come, but have an important voice to share here and now. Youth are doers. They embrace an ability to take God’s mission out into the world in a way that adults cannot. The passion and the vitality of youth are important driving factors in how God is shared with the world around us. Youth are called, claimed, and sent into the world and through the waters of baptism, we are called to live wet- never forgetting that we were created in God’s image and sent into the world to make disciples.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

As a commissioned Deacon, I am called to word and service.  I love helping people figure out resources, ways to network within the community, and ways to seek compassion and justice.  I am in a church setting that while urban is also surrounded by rural areas which gives me a unique perspective. As someone going through the ordination process, I feel I bring a sense of call to the table as well. I love to connect with people. I am strategic as well as connectional and I feel those qualities are important in a mentor. I love working as part of a team and thrive on the creativity and excitement that comes from ideas flowing and God creating! I have skills for building a relational ministry and also taking that ministry into the local community with a focus on social justice. I love to network and connect with others who do what I do. Mostly though, I am a helper and love to help those who are seeking guidance. I like to resource issues and problem solve. Youth ministry is my full time job and I would love the chance to share my passion with others!

Additional Speciality Areas

Community Building, Safe Sanctuaries, Theology, Mission, Covenant Discipleship