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Theology of Ministry with Young People

I believe creating a sustainable ministry that develops and empowers student leaders. Through a scope and sequence of curriculum, I’ve worked to create a complete and deep knowledge of Holy Scripture that allows students to take this into the world and put flesh on it through missions, fellowship, spiritual disciplines, arts, social and personal holiness.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I recently completed the United Methodist Certification in Youth Ministry. This five year Seminary level course provided a great balance between formal classwork and practical applications with all aspects of student ministry. The students and teachers come from a wide variety of ministry applications and, in addition to the networking, I was able to glean ways others approached their ministry and adapt it to our needs. After being in student ministry for almost 20 years, I’ve worked with small country churches to those on the global level.

Additional Speciality Areas

Community Building, Faith Formation, Games, Middle School