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Ministry Experience and Skills

Administration and Organization, Discipleship, Outreach and Evangelism, Programming, Specialized Ministries, Young Adults, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

Young people flourish in safe spaces where they have a seat at the table, no matter their current beliefs or depth of their questions about God, Jesus, people. or the church. By supporting them in love, and allowing faith to be a dynamic – breathing entity – the kingdom of God becomes more tangible. One of my great gifts is to not only helping ensure more seats get pulled to the table, but also encouraging those seats to remain filled.

Another important element of Christian life is the recognition of one’s self as a part of a larger body and growing in faith through study and service with others. Youth ministries that connect themselves to other generations as well as other branches of the church thrive!

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I am a good listener and confident problem solver. I seek to understand before making suggestions. I highly value teaching, learning, skill-building, and professional development as a part of any leader”s journey in ministry. I feel confident in my abilities to balance responsibilities, and honor any commitments I would make as a Field Guide. I also support and believe in the connectional side of the United Methodist Church.

Additional Speciality Areas

Event Planning, Staff, Change Management, Covenant Discipleship, Leadership Development