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Theology of Ministry with Young People

My mantra for our youth group is “Safe, Fun and Meaningful” I think we are one of the only things kids can do that meets all three of those words. Our group is called The GATE, which stands for Grace, Acts of Service, The Word and Encouragement. Everything we do falls into one of those categories. I believe the youth leader’s job is to create an environment where kids can be themselves, be loved by their peers and other adults beside their parents, and where they claim ownership of the group and their direction.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I am a good listener and have been doing this long enough that I have seen or at least heard about lots of different situations a newer youth pastor might be facing. I like helping people process their own experiences and see how much they have already learned.

Additional Speciality Areas

Adult Training , Bible Study, Church Connections, High School, Random Acts of Kindness, Communication