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Administration and Organization, District Events, Event Planning, Youth

Theology of Ministry with Young People

(1) Theological/Discipling (Matthew 28:18-20) We need to encourage reflection on God’s work in the world (past, present, and future) and help students to live engulfed in God’s Word. 2) Relational/Incarnational/Contextualized (John 1:14) Youth and Young Adults need to be met where they are at, whether at the Ball Park, the schoolyard, at the mall, home, or in church. 3) Life Enabling/Counseling (John 13:34-35) The Youth and Young Adult Ministry can be a healing presence in the community as it represents Christ and prays for the many it reaches out to. Many will come to Christ and will have individual hurts because our world is often so broken and will be in need of an ear to hear. (4) Team Based (1 Corinthians 3:5-9) Love is spelled T-I-M-E, and it takes a lot of it to build a relationship with a student or young adult and more to walk with them in faith. On a “deeper” note I believe young people should be taught the following: • The work of God- creator (God), redeemer (Jesus), sustainer (Spirit) . o God created the world and called it good. God has been trying to redeemed the world through kings, queens, prophets. God sent his Son through incarnation (Jesus) to relate humanity. We know Jesus does not sin because Jesus was obedient (till the point of death). At the end of Jesus’ life, Jesus said he will send his spirit to be with you.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I possess the following qualities that make me a good field guide: * I am a great listener. * I have experience in diversity. * I support young people and believe they are the church of today. * I have experience in “meeting people where they are.” * I “keep it real and speak the truth in love.”

Additional Speciality Areas

Faith Formation