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Parker Herrera

Ministry Experience and Skills

Outreach and Evangelism, Young Adults

Theology of Ministry with Young People

“With” has become an important word for me. Ministry is not something I do to people but it is something we all do together. As a youth minister, I tried to have the youth drive the ministries. That wasn’t always possible and I did have to provide a framework and a vision but I tried to create ways that we were working together for God’s kingdom in our lives and the world. I really want my youth and young adults to be becoming the vessels for Christ in the world. I always want them to think not just “what do I want to be” or “what do I want to do” but “What kind of teacher does God want me to be?” What did God gift me with to bring about God’s plan that we all be reconciled with one another and God? How can the whole of my life fit into God’s saving work in the world? That is a question we answer together in Christian community through study, prayer, mission, and worship.

How will connecting with me support your ministry?

I am intentional about everything I do. I care about helping people to do their absolute best in their ministry setting. I also enjoy learning from others and look forward to being a better pastor through my time as a field guide. I am thoughtful, intelligent, creative, and am passionate about what I do in a way that inspires others. I also just really like to know Jesus better and think we all do that better together.

Additional Speciality Areas

Church Connections, Confirmation, Evangelism, Worship