Become a Field Guide

You, yes you!

You have been moved by the spirit, answered your call, and are on the ground helping young people become disciples ready to change the world. You may not feel wise all the time, but the youth ministry you have dedicated so much time and energy to is thriving. Seeing God at work in your community feels amazing.

Can you coach others to help them discover new and better ways of being in ministry with young people? Help guide an abundance of energy? Not just going through motions, but help create meaning?

There is so much you’ve learned and so much you have to share. Don’t keep that knowledge and experience bottled up. Share your wisdom as a Field Guide in the Field Guide Network.



Application Process

The Young People’s Ministries office at Discipleship Ministries curates and cares for the database of Field Guides available for connection in the Field Guide Network.

If you are interested in becoming a Field Guide, the process is several steps long, and will put you in touch with Young People’s Ministries staff.

  • Complete an application here: ( Become a Field Guide )
    • The application takes between 45 and 60 minutes
    • The application asks for contact information, background information, and 3 references.
  • A YPM staff person will schedule a follow up phone or video chat with you, usually within 2 weeks of your application.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the interview and contact of your references, you will become an active and searchable Field Guide.


  • Be a part of the worldwide Field Guide Network of United Methodists who serve young people in their ministries
  • Strengthen ministry offerings for young people across our denomination
  • Serve in a coaching capacity to those who seek out your skills and gifts in ministry
  • Participate in connectional activities with other United Methodist Field Guides
  • Empower and support professional development among your peers
  • Receive special invitations for connection at existing national ministry events
  • Define your own level of involvement
  • Share your wisdom to strengthen others’ ministries
  • Deepen your own spiritual experience through coaching
  • Create supportive connections with those who seek your guidance as Explorers
  • Simultaneously participate as an Explorer in the Field Guide Network
  • Stay in regular communication with other Field Guides and Young People’s Ministries staff
  • Expand your professional network and ministry footprint


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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